A Look Back – Design Workshop Architects

A look back – Design Workshop Architects conceives, Reprodux helps execute incredible display at IDS2018   

Back in 2018, Michael Donaldson of Design Workshop Architects put our skills to the test and without a doubt, it was one of the most creative projects we’ve been a part of. The project, “How bright is your future” was a fully interactive and immersive experience for patrons for their feature exhibit at IDS 2018. 

Arriving for our first meeting with hand-drawn sketches in hand, we were in awe of the project conceived. Interactive tree-like structures that responded to touch, captured input, and delivered the results onto screen. Were we excited? Heck yes! The project required many disciplines to all come together to achieve the desired outcome. We reassured DWA that we would help execute, and we delivered! 

The Task: 

  • Print the client prepared art files directly to Japanese washi paper. 
  • Perfectly adhere the supplied printed circuits and cut to a tree-like shape. 
  • Produce and mount acrylic exoskeletons to the prints, which would then be affixed to wooden wing structures on-site by DWA. 

The results spoke for themselves. A stunning display that wowed all at IDS 2018. 

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