QuadReal Art Walk Branding

Reprodux partners with QuadReal to execute brilliant Art Walk branding in downtown Toronto 

Thrilled with the results, Reprodux was delighted to help bring QuadReal and artist Hello Kirsten’s vision to life across multiple QuadReal properties. 

The colourful graphics were produced on various materials best fitting the applicable surfaces, including stainless steel, floor tile, drywall, and concrete. 

The attention-grabbing results will no doubt catch the eye of patrons – even those with their heads down on their phones! Thank you to QuadReal for trusting Reprodux!

All vinyl is not created equal

What are we sticking it to? 
Plastic, metal, concrete, wood, and painted surfaces can widely vary in how receptive they are to adhesive vinyl.
How long will it be up for?
One-day? A few months? Years? This can determine the material chosen for your project.

With access to vinyl from all leading manufacturers, Reprodux aims to provide clients with the absolute best fit for each project.

Learn more about the artist:  www.hellokirsten.com and @hello.kirsten

To see the artwork in person, visit the Southcore Financial Centre located at 18 York Blvd and 120 Bremner Blvd in downtown Toronto.

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