Site Surveys

Utilizing the latest measurement technologies, Reprodux validates site conditions before fabrication and installation of all signage and generates shop drawings as-required for permitting and installation.
Material Options

Applications: The standard for technical manuals, training materials  

Best for: black & white printing 

Paper Feel: Natural, Plain paper, matte. No frills.   

Applications: Technical and training materials, multi-use.  

Best for: black & white text and images. Not recommended for cover coverage. 

Paper feel: Natural, heavy material, matte.

Applications: Presentations, Covers  

Best for: colour printing 

Paper feel: synthetic, slightly heavier than standard stock.  

Applications: Promotional booklets & corporate info sheets, multi-use. 

Best for: Low to mid colour coverage applications. 

Paper feel: Synthetic, good quality, semi-gloss.  

Applications: Graphic material, retail catalogues, multi-use 

Best for: heavy colour coverage 

Paper feel: Synthetic, best quality, semi-gloss. 

Product Finishes

Plastic Comb



Glued Spine

Clear Covers 

Card Covers 

Creative Services

Have a vision but no one to make it cometo life? Our creative team can help you make your ideas into reality.

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