Why You Should Digitize Your Paper Documents

The large amounts of paper that companies and individuals must keep and file for a reliable record-keeping system, can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks to our digital world, we have another option—digitized documentation. Digitizing/scanning your paper documents isn’t just about saving space or saving trees, it can help you save money, save an instrumental amount of time, and improve accessibility.

Storing your paper documents in the digital world, there is much to save—many thousands of pages per gigabyte to be exact. Most importantly, you still need to maintain a good filing system to organize your digitized files, and if you do, it will pay off! When you are searching for a document in the digital world, you can search for the name, date created, category, and version type by using a naming convention system. And boom! You’ve found it and probably 10 times faster than searching for documents in a dark filing room surrounded by huge file folders.

Document digitization can help to securely store your files. Paper documents are at risk of environmental damage such as fire or flood and can easily be lost or misplaced. Digitized documents can be backed up on a cloud or on an external device (hard drive/DVD/etc.), making them safe and searchable. In addition, for businesses, scanning your paper documents can improve productivity and enhance customer experience by making documents more accessible to workers. Collaboration among employees and team members is greatly improved. When it comes to sending or presenting any specific documents, customers and team members can become impatient with response times, but digitized documents are easily accessible, nicely organized, searchable so they help reduce the turnaround/sending time.

What documents can you digitize? 

  • Building Plans 
  • Legal Documents 
  • School Records 
  • Accounting files
  • Schematics 
  • Medical Records 
  • Property Deeds 
  • Real Estate Records 
  • Municipal Records 
  • Microfiche 

…and just about anything else you can think of! 

How can you digitize your documents?

It’s easy! At Reprodux, we make the scanning process much faster and easier with our high-speed document scanners! We can help you turn your records into actionable and searchable digitized data. Talk to us today.


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