Announce your project and maximize impressions with beautiful hoarding graphics from Reprodux. From a small storefront to the largest construction site, Reprodux leverage’s its 3D scanning technology to analyze the site, ensuring seamless print, delivery and installation. 

Premium materials, inks, and service – nobody does it better. Choose Reprodux today! 

Material Options
MaterialEnvironmentLifespanDurabilityCommon Applications Finishes
Aluminum Composite Panel [ACP]OutdoorLongConstruction Hoarding
Mesh BannerOutdoorMidHigh wind scenarios: Outdoor banners, building wraps and fence graphics.
Recycled Plastic Bottle BannerOutdoorMidHigh wind scenarios: Outdoor banners, building wraps and fence graphics.
Impact Resistant AcrylicOutdoorLongHarsh weather conditions. Hoarding “uppers”or layering element
Finishing Options
Graffiti Resistant Laminate – Outdoor hoarding + Signage Cutting – Custom Profiles
Grommets – Suspended Signage Stitching – Banners + Fabric Prints

Aluminum Composite Panel

3mm thick aluminum composite panels are lightweight, highly durable and available in many colours and finishes [Matte White, Matte/Gloss Black, Silver Brushed among many others].

The panels are comprised of 2 thin sheets of aluminum sandwiching a lightweight recycled polyethelene [PE] core. Already weatherproof and water resistant – we can also apply an additional anti-graffiti coating for added protection.

Mesh Banner

Simple and cost effective, our mesh banners are sometimes just what’s needed. Easy to install at your site with plastic or metal ties [and grommets], they’re also easy to repurpose at other projects.  Additionally, mesh allows for airflow – sometimes a requirement at a location.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Banner

Our recycled plastic bottle banner material is a lightweight, durable, non-woven PET banner with a textured, matte surface. This product can be hung from ceilings, fences, scaffolding and more. This is the perfect sustainable alternative to vinyl and other banner materials.

Made from 100% post-consumer waste, this versatile material will not mold and mildew, lightweight, non-yellowing, resistant to tearing, scratching, fading and water damage. Once the lifecycle of the project has concluded, the print can be fully recycled.

Impact Resistant Acrylic

Consider adding impact resistant acrylic to your next hoarding graphics. Brilliant images and branding are easily printed directly to the panels offering an eye-popping look that’s sure to stand out from the crowd.  

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