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Whether you’ve got every detail fully planned out or require our expertise and guidance, our team is ready to bring your artistic vision to life.

Reprodux strives to provide first-class service for all your projects. From simple print orders to giant campaigns and installations. Our team is ready to support your mission!

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City of Mississauga Skate Park

See what we did for this amazing art project.
Project Management

Our project management skills, along with material, application and installation knowledge make us your perfect trusted partner. Learn more!

Did you know?

If mural art on construction hoarding is deemed by the local Ward Councillor and/or Community Council to be appropriate and required for any site, then the artwork should cover no less than 50% of the surface area of hoarding that has been installed within the public right-of-way.

Shape Shifters

One way to add a little flair to a project is by simply cutting the prints to a unique shape. With our digital cutting table, the options are endless!

A Lover Letter

Check out this touching public art piece we helped create.

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