A Love Letter from the Sick Kids Foundation

As we entered the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reprodux was approached by the Sick Kids Foundation to explore the possibility of creating a giant installation of a love letter, written to their staff. The exhibit would be installed near the main entrance of the hospital on University Avenue in Toronto.

We were eager to help – and in awe of the gesture. After consultation, we agreed on the appropriate size, structure, and materials. The project would stand for a month, and given that it was the middle of winter, installation implications were considered. Illuminated with solar lights, the result was a beautiful 12ft high tribute dedicated to the staff at Sick Kids, visible 24 hours a day. Our team was proud to be a player in this public art project to commemorate and empower our front-line workers for all the hard work they have done to help the fight against the virus.

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Public art is a creative way to tell a story or impactful message in the eyes of our community. These pieces can help liven a public space, indoors or outdoors, with intricate installations, artistic murals, honourable memorials and more. Whatever your vision may be, our team can help execute it to bring our community closer together. Let’s collaborate on your next project!

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