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Our website uses ‘cookies’, formally known as HTTP cookie which are a small piece of data sent from a website to be used as unique identifiers. They are sent from our website to your computer, mobile phone and stored on the device. They are sent back to our website with the updated data as you are browsing our website. 

These website cookies are used to save the information about your journey on our website, likes and preferences; this allows us to improve your user-interface experience every time you visit our website. The cookies are enabled to identify you every time you make a visit to our website. 

The ‘session cookies’ expire at the end of each of your session that is when you close the browser; whereas the ‘persistent cookies’ have got a set expiry date which is stored on your computer or mobile phone until the date is reached. Or there could be a case that you delete the cookies from your browser settings. 

How we use Cookies: 

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Third-Party Cookies 

There will be content embedded from third-party sources such as social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Indeed (Career Section) etc on our website. Therefore, on your visit there might be third-party cookies being stored on your mobile phone or computer too. We do not control the deletion or saving of these cookies; therefore, it is important to check the respective sites cookie policies to take the required actions. 

Also, please note that if you are using sharing tools on our website to share any type of content using social media share buttons then these social media platforms might install a cookie on your device. Hence, it is important to check their cookie policies on their respective website. 


Cookies Settings on Browsers 

It is upon you when you want to block the cookies. All the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc. allow you to change the cookie settings on your device. But be aware of the fact that blocking cookies might hamper your journey experience on our website. 

You can obtain further information about each of the browsers from the respective links: 


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