Reprodux scans the historic Sainte Marie Among the Hurons

Reprodux recently had the opportunity to visit Sainte Marie Among the Hurons, one of the earliest European settlements in Ontario, to capture existing site conditions for a heritage revitalization initiative. With a focus on preserving three masonry fireplaces built in the 1640s, the project was broken into two phases due to snow conditions. Phase 1 was the primary hearth, with the remaining two fireplaces and related facades captured in phase 2.

Scanned at a resolution of 3mm @ 10m with 4K HDR images, we generated a point cloud and mesh for the project team to leverage into their design work. Additionally, our technologists generated a topographic survey and detailed façade and fireplace drawings to kickstart the design process. 

3D Scanning with Reprodux

3D scanning is positively impacting the world of historical preservation. With this technology, we can capture many details of these buildings that will be valuable for researchers. 3D scanning provides a clear vision for construction logistics and important considerations that are necessary for restoring a historic structure.

Our 3D scanning capture solutions are highly portable and designed for maximum productivity, capturing millions of points per second and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery with pinpoint accuracy – over 60% faster than conventional measurement methods.

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