CAD Drawings

Drawings, plans, CAD, or reprographics – whatever you prefer to call it – run in our DNA. Beginning with a single ammonia-based print machine in our founder’s basement to one of the large HP Pagewide fleets in Canada – our team has been delivering success since 1963.  Our lean production methods and continual investment in innovative technologies put us on the bleeding edge of print fulfillment – keeping your projects running on time.

We produce high-fidelity colour or monochrome drawings on a variety of materials – from recycled bond paper to water resistant polypropylene (a recyclable and more cost-effective alternative to lamination). With one of the largest CAD drawing print capacities in North America, no turnaround is too tight for any last minute and time-sensitive orders.

  • Variety of materials available
  • Up to 40” in width, by any length.
  • Various binding and folding options
  • PDF, TIF, CAD and CAL
Material Options

Applications: The standard for technical drawings, mark-ups and more.   

Best for: black & white, colour linework. 

Paper Feel: Natural, Plain paper, matte. No frills.   

Applications: Presentations, Covers 

Best for: heavy colour ink coverage (renderings, heavy hatch patterns) 

Paper feel: Natural, heavy material, matte. 

Applications: Long term set 

Best for: Presentations, temporary signage, damp/wet environments. 

Paper feel: Synthetic, good quality, semi-gloss.  

Note: While this is a viable alternative to lamination, if the print gets wet – allow the drawing to dry for 4 hours prior to placing pressure on any printed surface to avoid smudging.  

Product Finishes


Staple Only 

Binding Strip 


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