Why You Should Digitize Your Paper Documents

The large amounts of paper that companies and individuals must keep and file for a reliable record-keeping system, can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks to our digital world, we have another option—digitized documentation. Digitizing/scanning your paper documents isn’t just about saving space or saving trees, it can help you save money, save an instrumental amount of time, and improve accessibility. Storing your […]

Reprodux Gets Loud to raise funds for the Sick Kids Foundation.

It was an epic day of fun on October 1st, as Reprodux took part in the Sick Kids Foundation’s GetLoud event at Downsview Park. Robbie’s Reprodux Racers raised over $9,000.00 towards an astonishing 1.3 million dollars overall for the event!   Reprodux was also proud to be chosen as the print partner for the event, producing […]

Reprodux partners with Toronto Rock to usher in new era in Hamilton

With a 5-year deal to play at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, a large task was presented to turn the facility into something that felt like home for the Toronto Rock. The first order of service was the creation of a perforated window graphics install on Bay Street, measuring 48ft wide. The display is […]